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Google + Skyhook Wireless + OpenStreetMap

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Google + Skyhook Wireless + OpenStreetMap
Hi Guys,

We are locked and loaded for our Tuesday May 20th event!

First off, none other than Google Maps API Developer Programs Engineer Pamela Fox presenting: "Communities + Google Maps: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger." (Can't beat that nifty title.) Fox says "we'll talk about the various ways of using Google Maps & the Maps API to create user-contributed maps, covering the spectrum from no-coding solutions to full custom databases and code, and showing examples of sites successfully using each technique." Sounds pretty cool to me.

PLUS!!! TWO new super-sweet presentations from Ryan Sarver a la Skyhook Wireless ( and Steve Coast a la OpenStreetMap (

This should be a really interesting and smart evening packed-full of geospatial tech.

We are also making the presentation available via conference call. If interested shoot me an email and I'll give you the phone number and pass code.

April's video ( is up on the web. May's presentations will also be videotaped and posted.

Also, check out our LinkedIn group page ( We now have 240 members (mostly international) including HR and talent scouts interested in geospatial science and geosocial tech and web apps.

See you on May 20th!!!
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